Linksys RV042 WiFi Router for Load Balancing

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Linksys RV042 WiFi Router for Load Balancing

The new Linksys RV042 Router is a Load balancing device from the most trusted brand of router provider, i.e Linksys. The users which are looking for high speed internet connectivity and also a device which is reliable on performance, this device could be the ideal choice for them.

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As the device is a load balancing router, it allows the users to connect to service providers to it at the same time. The RV042 is also considered just the ideal choice for the small business owners. The high-capacity IP security virtual private network (VPN) capabilities allow multiple accesses to the information they require remotely and securely. The router provides business-class security features with optional cloud-based web filtering which further safeguards the network.

The router also lets you worry less in its installation process as it could be easily setup by a new user with the help of the Cisco Connect software. All that needs to be done is insert the disc and follow the on screen instructions for the procedure. Along with four fast Ethernet switch built-in ports, the router also features two fast Ethernet WAN ports for business continuity and load balancing. These two additional ports are configurable for load balancing and Smartlink backup.

Priced at around Rs.5000 at the online market, this RV042 Router from Linksys could prove to be a good business booster for the users who are running a small business and are in need of a strong and secure network.

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