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Reset linksys router password

When we are using router without any difficulty then things are normal but sometime there might be some problem in router settings or any other connectivity problem then we need to reset our router password.
If we use linksys router and we remember the admin password then linksys smart wi fi setup wizard can help us to reset our router otherwise we have other substitute to reset our router.
Here we will discuss in detail regarding resetting router password for both cases.

linksys smart wi fi setup wizard


Ways to reset Linksys router password

There are mainly two ways to reset the router password. We can follow first one if we don’t remember the admin password and can’t access the web based setup wizard page.
Using Reset button
If we don’t remember the admin password and cannot access the web based setup page then we need to use reset button of our router for resetting the router to its factory defaults.
Points to be considered for using reset button:

• We have to press and hold the Reset button for around 10 seconds. For some older Linksys routers we need to press and hold reset button for 30 seconds.
• When we reset our router it also resets admin password (i.e. router’s password).
• The default password is admin and for username we need to leave that field blank.
NOTE: Router’s power LED should keep on blinking for a few seconds once the reset is complete it tries to stabilize. However, if the Power light still isn’t stable after a minute then we need to powercycle our router.

Using the web based setup wizard page

Step 1:
First step is to login and access the router’s web based setup page.
Step 2:
Now click the Administration tab then click on the sub-tab labelled Factory Defaults.
Step 3:
Now under the Factory Defaults block we can find the Restore Factory Defaults button, click this button.
When router reset is complete and its settings are default then we need to reconfigure it as per our internet service.

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