Speed test tools for Linksys smart wifi devices

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Speed test tools for Linksys smart wifi devices

With Linksys Smart WiFi active account you will receive many other advance tools. Speed test one of these tools what is used to major the performance for your Linksys routers. We are going to explain the speed test feature for Linksys Smart WiFi devices. Your internet speed test can be effected with many factors like the time of day you can testing the speed for your internet connections, network securities you are using and type of connections you are using.

Steps for Using Speed Test for Linksys Smart WiFi Devices

  • Access Linksys Smart WiFi Account using myrouter.local web address.
  • Using the login details for your Linksys Smart WiFi account access you will able access the configurations page for Linksys setup.

  • After successful login to Linksys Smart WiFi page, select “Speed Test” under “Smart WiFi Tools”.
  • You will now need to click on option “Begin Test”.
  • Once you click on option “Begin Test” the speed test will start for your device.
  • If you getting issues with speed test for your Linksys Smart WiFi devices, must log out to your Linksys cloud account and try to make login access after few minutes.
  • You must disable all the security measures you are using for your home network and then perform the speed test using Linksys setup window.

There are two types of tests you can perform for your Linksys Smart WiFi devices and these tests are upload test and download test. Using downloading test you can measure the speed for downloading for your home network and using uploading speed you can easily get information about uploading your are getting for your home network.

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